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Landscape Design

Creating a landscape the way you've always envisioned it, is very challenging.

When you consider the climate in which you reside and the weather and drought tolerance necessary to sustain plant life in the Arizona desert, it's best to proceed with a plan. The nurserymen at Whitfill Nursery are your resource for plant and tree selection, maintenance and landscape design in Arizona.

Whitfill Nursery has been growing trees and shrubs in the hot Arizona weather for over 60 years, making us experts when it comes to thriving gardens and landscapes in the desert Southwest. When you meet for an appointment with our landscape design specialists at any one of our three nursery locations you can expect to evaluate the following:
  • Plot plans
  • Pool plans
  • Applicable HOA rules and guidelines
  • Landscape preferences.

Don't tackle the complexity of landscape design and execution on your own. A landscape architect from Whitfill Nursery will help you with your plant and tree selections, and with delivery and installation. For details on our free landscape design and landscape garden design services, please contact any of our three Valley locations.

Take the fear out of planning your landscape with Whitfill Nursery's professional landscape design services. Visit any one of our three locations for more details or contact us at Whitfill Nursery where “We still do the digging!”