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Average Monthly Temperature
Average High
Average Low
Mean Average Precipitation
Record High
Record Low
75° F 61° F 62° F .70 in. 96° F (1924) 27° F (1931)

Garden Maintenance

Begin to check weather forecasts for freeze warnings. Also be prepared to cover and protect sensitive plants when temperatures dip below 32°F. Protect plants like, tropical bird of paradise, asparagus fern, natal plum, ficus trees, hibiscus, citrus trees.

Water established trees once a month after hard freezes begin. Water newly planted material weekly or as needed.

Harvest Mexican limes.

Bring potted succulents indoors when in doubt about cold-sensitivity.

Do major tree pruning however do not prune roses until late January or early February.

What To Plant
Continue planting winter-hardy shrubs, flowers, and wildflower seeds. Also plant cool-season and native succulents.

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