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Average Monthly Temperature
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Mean Average Precipitation
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104° F 73° F 88° F .10 in. 122° F (1990) 49° F (1908)

Garden Maintenance

June is the start of our very warm months.

Garden in the early morning or late evening to beat the heat.

Adjust watering schedule, deep-water trees throughout the summer months. Increase watering, but be aware of hot hose water. Check sprinkler heads and drip emitters to make sure they are functioning properly. Check plants daily for stress.

Wash off and water roses and other plants susceptible to powdery mildew early in the day.

Apply heavy mulch, up to 6” around your roses, but keep mulch away from the rose’s main stem to avoid too much moisture on it. Shade & mulch vegetables as needed.

Watch for sunburn on spring plantings and cover with shade cloth before sunburn becomes severe.

Give your Bermuda grass a shot of nitrogen. Raise your lawn mower.

Remove spent flowers from annuals and perennials. Also remove spent flower stalks from irises.

Prune plant suckers on Desert Willow and Acacia trees while still small.

Separate yucca and agave “pups” from parent plant. Allow agave pups to dry in the shade (i.e., heal) for a few days before replanting.

What To Plant

Continue to plant desert adapted shrubs, palms, trees and cacti. Choose from sage, desert fairy dusters, cassia, ironwoods, palo verdes, mesquite, saguaro cactus, barrel cactus, hedgehog, ocotillos, California date and fan palms, as well as Mexican fan palms. The palm trees will need lots of water to get established.