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Average Monthly Temperature
Average High
Average Low
Mean Average Precipitation
Record High
Record Low
106° F 81° F 93° F .90 in. 121° F (1995) 63° F (1912)

Garden Maintenance

July is usually the start of the monsoon rains, skip watering if it rains more than 1/2 inch.

Continue deep-watering schedule for ground plants.

Water plants in containers every day. Be sure that the water drains through the holes.

Roses and other ornamentals may develop brown dried leaf margins. This may be due to heat stress and/or salt burn. Irrigate deeply to leach salts.

Fertilize container annuals & succulents 1/2 strength. Do not fertilize any fruit trees.

Raise your lawn mower height again. If you did not fertilize your Bermuda grass last month, then do so now. Water lawns deeply to a depth of 8–10 inches.

Prune only if necessary this month. Old blooming stalks from hesperaloe, agaves, or

yuccas may be pruned any time they are dry and blooming has been completed.

What To Plant
Continue to plant desert adapted shrubs or cacti.