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Average Monthly Temperature
Average High
Average Low
Mean Average Precipitation
Record High
Record Low
67° F 45° F 54° F .83 in. 88° F (1971) 16° F (1913)

Garden Maintenance

If frost warnings are predicted cover all tender plants and trees including:
Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Lantana, Fall annuals (geraniums petunias, etc), Natal plum, Plumbago, Pigmy dates, Ficus Trees, Orchids, Citrus

Protect tender cactus by placing styro cups on tips

If you are unsure of the hardiness of any particular plant call the nursery.

Use sheets blankets or frost cloth (available at the nursery) as cover. No Plastic!

Bring Holiday Poinsettias inside if it’s going to be cold out

Feed annual flowers with “superbloom” fertilizer and dead head old blooms to prolong bloom cycle

Begin harvesting citrus fruit – remember the longer fruit stays on the tree the sweeter it becomes. Do taste tests to determine sweetness
Tangerines, Navel Orange, Tangelos, Lemons, Grapefruit

What To Plant
Plant fruit and nut trees – use low chill varieties specially adapted to the low desert such as
Bonanza Peach, Babcock Peach, Florida Prince Peach, Anna apple, Dorsett Apple, Grape varieties

Plant bareroot and container roses now through May

Plant deciduous trees all month
Elm, Chinese pistache, Crape myrtle, Flowering pear, Vitex, Purple leaf plum, Ash

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