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Average Monthly Temperature
Average High
Average Low
Mean Average Precipitation
Record High
Record Low
104° F 79° F 91° F 1 in. 116° F (1972) 58° F (1917)

Garden Maintenance

Continue using a deep-watering schedule for ground plants especially pecans as nuts are beginning to fill.

Continue to hose off plants frequently, once of twice weekly, to control aphids and spider mites.

Prune palms. Encourage dense growth without reducing height in oleanders by pruning out one-third of the branches at the plant’s base.

Certain lawn grasses benefit from a late-summer feeding—particularly St. Augustine, Bermuda and Bahia grasses. Apply a light amount of fertilizer, and remember to water before and after the application.

Roses take a rest in August—don’t give them “food” and don’t’ keep them too wet.

The best time to cut roses for a bouquet is mid-morning, after the dew has dried and just

before the heat of the day stresses the blooms. Pick blooms that are just starting to unfurl; they’ll finish opening for you indoors.

What To Plant
Continue to plant desert trees, desert adapted shrubs, cactus and other warm-season succulents.